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André Valdetaro Gomes Cavalieri

Professor at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA), with a degree on Aeronautical Engineering at ITA (2004), Master degree on Aerospace Engineering at ITA (2006), and a PhD on Acoustics and Fluid Mechanics at the Université de Poitiers (2012). Awarded by a David Crighton Fellowship by the University of Cambridge (2012). Research work on aeroacoustics, hydrodynamic instability and turbulence. Current research includes: – noise emitted by turbulent jets; – modelling, numerical simulation and experimental studies of coherent structures in turbulent flows; – modelling and closed-loop control of transition to turbulence; – acoustic scattering by trailing edges; – aerodynamic noise due to jet-wing interaction; – noise-reduction control in turbulent flows.