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Professional Master's Program in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering

ITA’s partnership with EMBRAER, this Program is designed for engineers from diverse modalities who want to work with integrated product development, technology, and innovation.

Program Overview

The Professional Master’s Program in Aeronautical Engineering at ITA was created to meet the demand for human resources at the Brazilian Aeronautical Company (EMBRAER), offering curricular content dedicated to the company’s technological needs.

The Professional Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at ITA is part of the PEE – Specialization Program in Engineering, offered by EMBRAER.

The main differentiating characteristics of the Program are:

(1) Financial support guaranteed by Embraer, as recommended by Ordinance 80 of CAPES.

(2) Highly competitive selection exam, carried out in several stages at the national level by the company itself and by ITA professors, for candidates who graduated in engineering. During the selection, there are written tests, group dynamics, and interviews.

(3) Full-time dedication by the student: Once approved and classified, this master’s student receives a scholarship through the Casemiro Montenegro Filho Foundation, dedicating himself full-time to the Program.

(4) Priority hiring by Embraer for graduates of this Professional Master’s Degree Program to work in the area of specialization for which they graduated.

ITA Mission

To promote the progress of science and technologies related to the Aerospace Sector through education, teaching/learning, research, innovation and extension *, and the development of higher education professionals in subjects of interest to the Aerospace Sector in general and COMAER** in particular.

ITA Values

As an institution of higher education and research, ITA has the following guiding principles: professional ethics, critical thinking, excellence, social responsibility, and the integral formation of professionals and citizens.

Program Educational Objectives

Within a few years after concluding their professional master’s program on aeronautical engineering, graduates are expected to:

Have established themselves as technically competent professionals and responsible citizens who are socially and ethically committed to working in a global and sustainable society.

Actively participate on or lead multidisciplinary teams to tackle technologically complex challenges to meet the needs of the Aeronautical sector in Brazil in general and EMBRAER in particular.

Execute high quality research and development activities, effectively communicate results and manage R&D in aeronautical programs

Continually pursue advanced education, research and innovation in science and technology aeronautical areas.

Students Outcomes

PMAME students, by the time of their graduation, will have developed skills, knowledge, and behaviors equivalent to an ABET-accredited BE on Aeronautical Engineering.

Knowledge integration

MP- EAM graduates should be capable of integrating basic knowledge from several areas of aeronautical engineering such as Aerodynamics, Performance, Flight Mechanics and Control, Structures, Propulsion, Manufacturing and Design for RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Safety).

Solving complex problems

MP-EAM graduates should have the skills and advanced knowledge to identify, formulate, and solve aeronautical and mechanical engineering problems.

Aircraft design

MP-EAM graduates should have the skills and behavior necessary to effectively produce solutions and participate in multidisciplinary teams in aircraft design and should be able to effectively communicate complex ideas and concepts in different forms.

Academic research

MP-EAM graduates should be able to perform independent research, resulting in contributions to the following fields of aeronautical and mechanical engineering: Structures and Materials; Aircraft Systems; Manufacturing, and RAMS.

Selection Process 2023

Until September 3rd, applications are open for the Professional Master's Program in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering

Leverage your knowledge with ITA professors and Embraer professionals in this renowned 24-month Professional Master’s Program.

Phases of the Program

General overview of the program:

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Classes and other course activities take place at both ITA Campus and EMBRAER.

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