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Program Structure

Examine the structure and facilities of the Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Professional Master’s Program.

The Professional Master’s Program in Aeronautical Engineering at ITA was created to meet the demand for human resources at the Brazilian Aeronautical Company (EMBRAER), offering curricular content dedicated to the company’s technological needs.

The Professional Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at ITA is part of the PEE – Specialization Program in Engineering, offered by EMBRAER.

The main differentiating characteristics of the Program are:

(1) Financial support guaranteed by Embraer, as recommended by Ordinance 80 of CAPES.

(2) Highly competitive selection exam, carried out in several stages at the national level by the company itself and by ITA professors, for candidates who graduated in engineering. During the selection, there are written tests, group dynamics, and interviews.

(3) Full-time dedication by the student: Once approved and classified, this master’s student receives a scholarship through the Casemiro Montenegro Filho Foundation, dedicating himself full-time to the Program.

(4) Priority hiring by Embraer for graduates of this Professional Master’s Degree Program to work in the area of specialization for which they graduated.

Division of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering at ITA

ITA’s Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Division aims to train engineers, masters, and doctors in engineering to work with an emphasis on the scientific and technological development of the aerospace sector.

Curricular Structure Professional Master’s Degree in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering – Click Here

Program Phases

Program overview

The first phase seeks to level students’ knowledge and cultivate their abilities for systemic action with an awareness of the interrelationship between technologies. Aeronautics fundamentals such as aviation business, introduction to aircraft manufacturing, introduction to classic and modern control systems, mat lab, aerodynamics, and integrated product development, among others, are presented.

There are also activities to acculturate to Embraer’s reality about our values and cultural pillars, technical visits, presentation of our products, and contact with professionals and instructors.

Duration: 5 months.

Participants are encouraged to interact with Embraer employees, and ITA laboratories are used to conduct practical classes and experiments. Personal development is also given special consideration, focusing on self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, and the culture of teamwork.

Following Embraer’s business vision, participants are organized into multidisciplinary teams to develop projects in response to a technical challenge posed by program coordinators. The project encompasses the entire product and service lifecycle and is subject to a technical and financial feasibility analysis. An ensemble of mentors who are technical authorities in their respective fields guide participants.

Twelve months after the beginning of Phase 3, program participants must present their dissertation to complete the CAPES/MEC-recognized Professional Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at ITA.

The themes are selected by the master’s student based on EMBRAER and ITA’s technological priorities, with the assistance of a triad consisting of the program participant, an industrial supervisor (Embraer), and an academic supervisor (ITA). Work development is performed either in-person or remotely.

Photos of the Facilities